First Musical Memory:

Hearing “Kashmir” for the first time in my dads red Ford F-150 when i was 2.5 years old. I was hooked to Rock music forever from then on out.

First band you were in and style:

Fulgore was my first REAL band that played out. We were a a Vermont based metal band that I played with through high school before I moved west for college.

How many bands total?

In the past i have played with Orange Television, Llama Lasagna, Blue Star Burns Red, and The Black Rebels.  

Most Mega Musical moment on stage:

Playing Rocks Off boat cruise that toured NYC in 2010 or Playing Life is Good Festival in 2012.

Where are you heading this Summer?

In addition to a bunch of east coast bar/club circuits we plan to attend many festivals some of which include Bonnaroo, Strange Creek, Belleterra, Wormtown and many others we hope to announce soon!

Advice for festival attendees:

Have fun but remember to sleep, hydrate, and be safe.

Favorite concert attended:

Tool 10 Thousand Days tour 2006, Radiohead King of Limbs Tour 2012, and/or Band of Horses, John Legend, Black Keys, Foo Fighters, and Neil Young and Crazy Horse for Free in central park  NYC 2013.

Dream Show:

Red Rocks in Colorado or Madison Square Garden

Favorite Drummer:

Cant do just one… John Bonham, Danny Carey, and Dave Grohl.

Secret musical preference:

I get down to House music

Top 5 favorite musical acts of the top of your head:

Led Zeppelin, Tool, Nirvana, James Brown, Michael Jackson

If you could magically be awesome at any other instrment or role in a band what would it be?

Piano because its the perfect blend of melody and rhythm.

Something we dont know about you:

I’m rather frightened of Horses.

When did you start playing drums?

My mom bought me my first drum set when i was 13 and I have been playing ever since!

Advice to parents and kids in regards to music:

Let the children play. Music is the one and only universally understood language and means of communicating and relating with anyone from anywhere in the world.