EYES is a three-piece ensemble operating out of Massachusetts with a penchant for forging their own ways of playing instruments and writing music rather than falling into the many pre-conceived genres and styles which form their backgrounds as musicians. The result is most definitely weird and yet finds itself oddly accessible and at peace with the ears of those who may stumble upon its vibrations. Formed by one-half (3/6) of Massachusetts Post-Rock ensemble Hadoken, it consists of David Duran on drum set and vocals, Alex Wagner on 5-string electric violin and electric guitar, and William Alexander Theis on Electric guitar/bass, Analog synthesizer, trombone, and vocals.

The Sound/style itself could be described in various ways, as one song to the next can be completely different in style, rhythm, and emotional content. Sweeping string quartet structures, plucking lines with rhythmic delay, massive crushing distorted guitar/bass or guitar synthesizers, ambient drones, and reverbed/delayed vocals or brass instruments all find their place, and often battles between feels, rhythms, and emotions between members even exist within songs as devices to further the story of song from point A to point B. The music has been described as “Romantic” and also as carrying “A Hidden Darkness”, and seeks to tell the story of true life, which is never completely happy nor completely sad yet finds its beauty in the transitions and in-betweens of human existence. Influences and backgrounds of the members are very diverse and include classical, jazz, rock, and other traditions of training as well as self-teaching. Similar artists may include: Battles, Andrew Bird, Radiohead, Tortoise, Do Make Say Think.