In a time when modern country music is becoming less country every day, it’s a damn good thing to know there is band out there like BRIAN CHICOINE AND THE TRUCK

The Truck Stop Troubadours are a Massachusetts based band that bring back a classic outlaw country sound mixed with hints of rockabilly and Americana.

Every time the boys strap on their guitars and kick into that 4/4 foot stompin’ two steppin’,house rockin’,diesel truckin’,beer drinkin’ beat….Everyone knows that the
good times are alive and well.

Born and raised on a tobacco farm in Connecticut traditional country singer BRIAN CHICOINE followed his heart and love for country music to Nashville where he
lived for 10 years gigging and defining his own music style. Brian relocated back north to Chicopee, MA where he met his lead guitar player/vocalist Rob Grimaldi, a Massachusetts native and former band member of “The Resurrection Airmen Band.”

ROB “RG” GRIMALDI… who is better known as 6 Strings of Sexy. RG lays down that old school twang with a seasoning of Rockabilly straight out of Sun Records and provides a
quality backing vocal for the group.

The 4th piece of the puzzle came by way of all places…Craigslist…the low end master of the bass guitar known simply as JUNIOR. A grizzled seasoned veteran of the Northeast Music Scene guarantees you feel that low down country rumble that will rock you right out of your seats and on to the dance floor.