– Timbre [tam-ber]: the characteristic quality of sound produced by a particular
instrument or voice; tone color.

– Coup [koo]: a sudden successful, unexpected stroke, act or move; a hostile

Formed in 2007, Timbre Coup is a young, progressive rock band hailing from Upstate
New York. The band is comprised of Dan Gerken (guitar/bass/vocals), Andrew
Chamberlaine (guitar), Ben (guitar/bass) and brother Matt Pickering (percussion).
In their time together as a band, they have been fortunate enough to perform at many
major festivals, including Mountain Jam, Camp Bisco, and Moe.Down, as well as play
shows all over the East Coast.

The members of Timbre Coup have become a cohesive force to be reckoned with,
having been compared to the likes of King Crimson, Tool, Umphrey’s McGee, Dream
Theatre and Liquid Tension Experiment, however compared, their artistry and song
craft is simply their own. Timbre Coup’s unique style is even more apparent with their
newest release Knuckles & Valleys.

In Knuckles & Valleys, a cycle of the year literally reveals itself track by track. Twelve
tracks named for each