T Bone Daddy quite simply rocks. Influenced by the best of the old and newest of the new, this is a cutting edge trio with their roots in blues, funk, reggae and rock and roll. Fans love the energy, engagement and fun of their live performances and how it tastefully captures the essence of their recorded music while capturing the unique feel of each live environment. From contemporary interpretations of iconic compilations to original material, TBD pursues a tone that is uniquely theirs. Band members Tyler Fairbank (guitar, vocals), Jeff Link (bass, keyboard, percussion and vocals), and Lou Parreault (drums, percussion, vocals) have each spent a large part of their lives with instruments in their hands, but have more fun than ever with this killer trio.

The trio plays throughout the Northeast at clubs, festivals and theatres. The TBD has produced three cds, Deluxe and River of Blues, and recently release Departure; an album reflecting.