Radio Waves has one mission in life: to get you movin’ and groovin’! Whether you’re an “in-your-seat toe-tapper” or wild and crazy dance floor freak, this band will thoroughly entertain you. Outstanding vocal performances combine with infectious grooves to give you the perfect blend of musical excitement. You’ll find a little bit of everything from the big hits of today all the way back to the Motown favorites of the 60’s. The group will satisfy your entertainment needs and light a new fire in your soul!

Radio Waves covers a diverse array of artists and therefore appeals to a very wide audience range. From Tina Turner and Michael Jackson, to Gloria Estefan and Prince, to George Michael and the B-52s, to Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 and Celo Green, this group will def. keep you up and groovin’ the whole night through.!

Radio Waves features a very talented combo of male and female lead vocalists. Each brings their own unique blend of virtuostic vocal styling and stage performance. Featured is the lovely and talented Carrie Tripp on female vocals. Carrie has a uniquely smooth style and blend to her vocals that help create an undeniably genuine vocal performance.