Nardy Boy is one crazy-ass mash up of funk, 2nd line, blues and jazz motifs and deeply soulful singing. Led by New Orleans’ own Renard Boissiere, the band swings to a variety of grooves planned and impromptu, and his vocals are often punctuated by an eclectic set of scat and vocal efx.

Nardy Boy shows often feature guest musicians who stop by and sit in as the band drops the cool vibe, flowing from old-time tunes in a hip-hop style and elevating 2nd line struts from the streets of Treme, all setting the stage for highly danceable, extended jams.

Renard, the band’s guitarist, lead vocalist and primary composer, is joined by regular band members Steve DeTroy on keys, Mike Tepper on bass, Will Secchi and Mike Paolucci on drums, and Dave Porter on guitar.