Mammal Dap is an unassuming crew of four young mammals aggressively contorting their instruments to create music that is both forward-thinking yet nostalgic, indescribable but strangely familiar. The band is based in Northampton, MA, comprised of Killian Karlsson (guitar), Zack Cross (keys), Rhees Williams (bass, synth bass), and Colin Jalbert (drums, samples). Coupling lay-back, off-kilter hip hop beats with a ferocious indie rock approach, they create instrumental alchemy that has elevated crowds in Boston, Philly, NYC and beyond. Take the hooks of Hall and Oates, simmer them in loops of Madlib, then wrap it in the attitude of the Beastie Boys. Throw the microphone in a river. Now you’ve got something close to Mammal Dap.

The four best friends first came together in fall 2012, while playing the stealth roles of rhythm section sidemen in various projects. Out from the back and into the front, they utilize those years of experience to lock in hypnotic breaks that draw from an equal love of old tones and new tricks. Their debut EP, 5lbs High5, captures the band’s earliest songwriting sessions as their unique take on soul music comes to shape. They have returned to their home studio once again to record their first full length record. In this relaxed environment, the mammals meticulously experiment with the fusion of electronic music and the element of human interaction.