It’s about how it feels to be in the hands of a performer who commands the stage. Charismatic, funny, dramatic, and fully in charge, John Brandoli is just such a performer.

A grassroots favorite in New England—voted “Best Singer-Songwriter” in the Pioneer Valley Advocate 2010 Readers’ Poll—John can be found in venues large and small, indoors and out, delighting fans with his catchy blend of rock, folk rock, and pop.

Born and raised in Western Massachusetts, John gets great press and radio play. His single “Chameleon” has even traveled to Europe and Australia. Listen to the track on his 2008 release, “Suspended Disbelief,” and it’s easy to understand why.

The Springfield Republican hailed it as “an album full of diverse songs that not only flow together seamlessly, but also, thanks to Brandoli’s vocals and melodic touch, have the ability to stand alone in their own right.”

John’s exceptional writing is only part of his multi-dimensional appeal. With a powerhouse voice and unique stage presence, John leaves audiences spellbound—only to break the spell with a joke between songs. A John Brandoli show is always an entertaining show.

Born into a family of musicians, John was surrounded by music from an early age. Both parents were professionals; two of his three brothers are also working musicians. “The house was always filled with music,” John says. “Mom would put on James Taylor, Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan. Dad would put on old R&B. I remember being very young and having Bonnie Raitt’s ‘Luck of the Draw’ blaring out of my boombox. Or I’d be glued to the television watching Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Dance.’ I was always drawn to the music that hit me emotionally.”

Beginning with piano and picking up the guitar on his own as a young teen, John composed his first song at the age of 14 and never looked back. “In retrospect, that song probably wasn’t as good as I thought it was,” he laughs. “But I was so proud that I decided right then and there to become a songwriter.” He continued to write and perform through high school and college, developing a passionate and versatile style that audiences love. He is often compared to John Mayer and Tom Petty.

Above all, John excels at conveying emotion through his music. “That’s my favorite thing, the feeling of it all. And that’s what’s beautiful about music. The best songs speak to all of us.” This is one reason John enjoys mixing his originals with covers of other artists he loves. “If the song is great, I didn’t have to write it to perform it. I’m going to have fun and rock out to these tunes just like everybody else.”

John’s sheer enjoyment may be the secret to his success. “I love being up there. Even if it’s a sad song or an angry song, the music I play makes me feel good. And that’s how I want everybody in the audience to feel, too.”