Herb & Hanson have been working hard to substantiate themselves as a premiere act in the growing climate of acoustic roots music over the past four years. Recognition is growing from New York City to North Carolina and beyond through their non-stop touring and performing.

In 2000, Herb Manila (mandolin and guitar) and Michael Hanson (guitar) began performing at various open mics and smaller music venues. With a short list of original compositions, they leaned heavily on their various influences, ranging from The Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan, to Robert Johnson and Bill Monroe. In early 2001, they released their first record, self titled, showcasing ear opening examples of what this duo is capable of. Over time, their song writing and musicianship grew by leaps and bounds, creating a unique style that blends traditional stylings with their contemporary voices. Over the next few years, a small cult crowd turned into a loyal local following in the Washington DC area.

In 2005 the Duo decided to hit the road full time, constantly expanding their touring radius in the Mid Atlantic region. They released their second studio record, The Whiskey Fund, the following year. Showcasing their strong development, this album is undefinable in terms of genre. Rags, blues, bluegrass, ballads, folk rock…All can be found on this exhilarating record. Met with praise from fans and critics alike, The Whiskey Fund has continued to be played on acoustic music programs across the east cost.

In early 2011 they released their most exciting record yet, Awakeness. Full of all new original songs, their third studio effort clearly shows that Herb & Hanson are hitting their peak as song writers and story tellers.

They continue to take that talent on the road with relentless touring all along the east coast and beyond.