Bad Rooster began in May of 2010 when two old friends/bandmates decided to call a few of their friends to start a finalist band for the CT Blues Society’s 2010 “Blues Challenge.” However, what started as a bluesy pick-up band turned into a local overnight sensation as soon as the band started playing out.
Bad Rooster was also named “Best Blues Band” in the Hartford Advocate’s reader poll. The votes were tallied by write-in only in 2010, meaning many devout fans took the time to write-in their one-time votes. They’ve received air-play on WPKN and WCCC as well.

The band has already written almost an album’s worth of originals, but Bad Rooster has a long list of cover songs that appeal to everyone, both young and old. They are not only talented, but extremely entertaining; they pull out all the stops when it comes to audience participation and leave every room with a memorable experience!