The finger-picking slap shot styling’s of AdamUp has kept heads swinging and feet stomping across New England since the late 1990s. His dedicated fan base has packed venues across the Northeast and his musical dexterity has earned acclaim from the Hard Rock Café and a host of indie music media.

Acoustic guitar matched to Dylan-esque lyrics and a Mos Def delivery resonates politically, as well as musically—as motivating as entertaining. He has opened for several national performers, including Trust Company, Breaking Benjamin and Keith Kane of Vertical Horizon.

When not laying his own tracks, AdamUp is in the studio developing new bands on his label, AdamUp Productions. Yet today his main focus is “Blood Diamonds,” the much anticipated studio release follow-up to “Until Next Time” in 2002. A new album for the new world, its uncut full length iTunes release will precede the albums official launch. If you’re going to give it to the people, give it to them raw.