How did The Dire Honeys come to be?

~Wine, swimming holes, and bad bad men, and eventually a regular ladies only Friday night.

How did you choose your band name? Or rather when did you realize you were The Dire Honeys?

~ I (mia) was working at The Tuesday Market , texting Vanessa different ideas for our name and outloud said “The Dire Honeys” in front of a lusciously dressed man with purple finger nails- He said “I love that! Is that a band?” and I said “Well, now it is!” and it stuck.

You seem a lil’ like outlaws? Is there truth to this?

~We’d rather not discuss that without our lawyer, Attorney Joyce Crawford.

What and who are your primary influences?

~ Whiskey. Water. Cats. Heartbreak and Lost boys.

What is the current line up of The Dire Honeys?

~ The Dire Honeys will always and forever be Mia Valentini and Vanessa Chatwood Kerby with a rotating cast of Die Horneys (anagram), currently known as Aaron Knapp, playing the bass.

What is the back story on Mia & Vanessa?

~ We had met at a campfire whilst singing “your really got a hold on me”- right then we knew there was something. Then it just happened to be that she (Vanessa) lived next door to a very handsome douchehead that I (Mia) was interested in at the time. So we started dancing and singing on porches and playing music with a fine old group of men at the late Blue House in Haydenville on Sunday afternoons. That I would say was really the beginning for us. Old timey music and a bunch of darn good musicians invited us in and encouraged us, they liked the way we sang together. That’s our thing. We learned our instruments because we wanted the vehicles to back our singing. People have asked us if we are sisters, because they say that our voices meld in a way that only genetics can produce. There is no blood relation, but we cannot deny there is a sisterhood in our song.

The Dire Honeys future news and shows?

~We are in the works producing a sweet 45 with Grant Wicks, and accompanied by the boys from The Demongraphic, Tom Pappalardo and Sturgis Cunningham. A Side: “Why” written by Mia Valentini

B side: “Pretty” by Vanessa Chatwood Kerby.

There are also moves to start a full length album.

~ In terms of shows :

July 13th-Schackstock

August 21st- our beloved Dream Away Lodge.

A wedding here and there and some out of towners TBA.

The Dire Honeys future goals…?

1) To open for Pokey LeFarge

2) To play SNL (because I know someone who does the lighting)

3) To compose the musical for Scorsese’s next film based on our life stories.