IMG_4423How else does one explain a Smack My Bishop show? Well there have been many that I attended over the years… They had a long standing Tuesday Night at Bishops Lounge Northampton for several years and are now free range, last heard together just before Christmas at Mc Ladden’s I.P.H. in Northampton. Well let me say this…I have been taken through the most sophisticated, airy, patient guitar solos sharing the space with slow building horns only then to crash headlong into a giant wave of bass lines, funky keys and surprisingly heavy jazz drums…and did I mention a harmonica? It can be an experience that literally one moment can bring a room to silent whiskey sipping lip biting awe to inciting a melee or at least getting the rowdy ones primed to throw down.

Smack My Bishop is a crew of recognizable gifted talent. They are the young masters. Yes, I just equated Smack My Bishop to Jedi Knights…nuff said.

Smack My Bishop is a 6-piece, booty-moovin, bish-smackin band from the wilds of Western Mass. They too will be featured on The Buzz Local Honey Cd and will be performing at Union Station February 13th at the Local Honey Winter Gala in lovely Northampton MA…the place of their birth.