For the past 2 years in a sleepy river town a gathering has occurred of some magnitude. This gathering was focused around an absurd amount of musical performances jammed into one day.  Here we approach this 3rd annual get together for the event known to the people as Schackstock.

What is Schackstock?
A musical event of stamina and magnitude.
It will take place on Sunday, July 13th.
It is an open to the public display of pure fun, entertainment, and community. Starting at high noon and going until 1 in the morning, men and women alike are entertained by over 25 live performing bands, drink to their hearts content, make merry, eat whatever is in the house (and its always something delicious), dance, and wish the host of the party, the birthday boy, the dirty 30, Tom Schack, a Happy Birthday!

What can one expect from attending Schackstock?


You the attendee stand to be amazed that you will witness 25 local bands play 20 minute sets in relay. The relay band wrangler is the Dirty 30’s best friend and bandmate, Nate Martel.
There are many more things to be amazed by, I just simply cannot put them into print. Just trust me on this, seeing is believing.

Now the question you want answered…who the hell is Tom Schack?

Well in my humble opinion he is nothing less than awesome.

awe·some[ áwssəm ] adj.

impressive and frightening: so impressive or overwhelming as to inspire a strong feeling of admiration or fear.

excellent: used as a general term of enthusiastic approval

synonyms: overwhelming · grand · breathtaking · splendid · tremendous · remarkable

I mean the man makes a five fret reach on the bass look easy. Come on now!

Alright, I have been accused of being biased, so I asked this question of a man whose opinion I respect greatly. This individual is known to never sugar coat any answer…I asked Steven Yarbro of The Primate Fiasco and a fellow Llama.

Here follows his statement:

Who is Tom Schack? The question rings in my ears. Once someone utters this question there is no turning back. The answer, should you be prepared to receive it, will never leave its place in your bones where it inevitably will stick. This man, whether doing 90 slideways north (or is it west?) on Sunderland Rd, getting BUCK on the big Stylie bass, or just plain being Major Hoolihan McGillicuddy in general, will never be defined, stopped, nor tamed.

Simply put, Tom Schack is THE MAN.
Happy Birthday, Sir Schlambo!

Steven Yarbro

Well there ya go…awesome. Clearly he has got charisma, and a knack for putting together one of the valleys best music driven celebrations. And yes, you are probably one of his 2000+ facebook friends if you look for him…and yes, most of the musicians playing Schackstock would say he is a friend.

Rest assured whatever idea of the man you had brewed up in your head gets wiped clean from the size of his hand shake, and his sincerity, born with a tremendous laugh and smile, very disarming combination. Thats the moment you are not frightened by his stature. The man is literally a big old pussy cat. Well maybe more like a Tomcat. 😉

Schack, as he is often called is many things and at the top of that list is a musician. A powerful bass player for sure, and a founding member of the valley band spawned from the ZOOMASS party scene, Outer Stylie. Recently, he and his bandmates had the pleasure of recording in J.Mascis’s home studio. The result to hopefully be released sometime in the not so distant future. This coming in on the heels of their long awaited CD release of Into Being.

Schack has always had a passion for local live music. Booking valley bands and out of area bands in local venues such as Snowzees, Amherst Pub, 3 County Fair and many a good party line up. Hence, 25 bands in just over 12 hours celebrating the art of having a damn goodtime with the Night Mayor of Sunderland himself.

Poppin Off Productions presents on July 13th          Schackstock 2014, the Dirty 30!

So, if you should run into a long haired bearded giant that rages on the bass, take note…that’s Tom Schack. He is one of the good guys.

Happy Birthday Mr. Schack!

Thanks for helping keep the valley music scene vibrant and positive.

With Great Admiration, Your Ever Loyal Secretary