We utilize the voice as our first instrument, and this outpouring of notes from ones own body is the closest thing to materialization of the soul in physical form.  Singing brings crowds together, as well as comforts one small child at bedtime, it heals, changes, and spreads like some benevolent virus.  For Nate Martel, singing is among his first memories and it has and will forever remain foundational to his being.

Music is Nate’s life, but he was surely a late comer learning to play instruments other than his voice, having not picked up the guitar until age 19.  Since then he has played with some of the Pioneer Valleys most well known groups including Orange Television, Blue Star Burns Red, Dr. Reputation, Flabberghaster, and of course Outer Stylie which is still currently crushing and melting people.

Versatility is among Nate’s strongest suits as a musician.  Being best known for a rocker, he also can be seen performing at a funk night, in a post-rock group, a soul-jazz group, or simply playing acoustic by himself as a solo act.  The acoustic side of Nate is real and comforting in the fact that there is no frills or loud effects, just a man, a guitar, and of course a voice.