What was your first album?

I’d have to say Queen’s Greatest Hits (on Cassette) was my first. Although my first CD was Kid Rock – Devil without a Cause (sigh).

When did it become apparent that you would have a life of Rock and Metal?

I had a interest with music early on while be exposed to The Rolling Stones via my dad. But my interest really grew in my teens when I first started attending shows. I knew what I wanted to do from there after.

What is your secret musical favorite?

Not sure I have a “secret” per say, I love all types of music, but I get some funny looks when I tell people I’m a Public Enemy fan.

When did you first get involved with being in bands?

From 2002-2012 I formed 3-4 bands that never amounted to anything other then playing in the garage. In 2012, I joined local Progressive Death Metal band, KRAKATOA. Since then we’ve released a 4 song EP & we’ll be working on a new album over the next year or so.

When did you become a booking agent/promoter?

When I started attending local shows, in the early 2010’s, the most frequently visited place was Silk City (now JJ’s Tavern). Kyle Leary, of local metal hero’s WESTERN MASSACRE, had been booking his bands shows there for several years, each with a better turn out then at last. The owner, Jon Neumann, asked him to started booking on a regular basis. Kyle, to busy with his own band, handed the duty off to me in December 2011. I did over 100 shows & held a residency at Silk City/JJ’s for 2 years until it became The 13th Floor.

What is the history of heavy rock in the 413 since you have been involved?

I think this area has always had a great interest in music, but when I started to take interest, the “scene” was definitely at a low point. From the get go, my goal was to create a reoccurring showcase of all forms of “Heavy Music”. I wanted people to be able to come to a Promotorhead show, regardless of who is playing, & know they will see a top notch show & discover some amazing bands they otherwise would never have heard of. I think we were very successful in doing that & in return we have developed a community of die hard music fans who come out to all our shows regardless of who is playing. The “scene” is a lot better now then it was when I found it. I hope this community feeling I strode for had something to do with that.

Top 10 local bands

Western Massacre • Krakatoa • Problem With Dragons • Titanis • Thunderforge • Grzelakurse • Roadhorse • Lich King • Vacant Eyes • Eviscerate

Anyone we should be looking out for as a rising talent in the 413?

My buds in Western Massacre have been on the rise for a few years now & with a new EP on the way, I expect them to continue down that road. Aside from them, the two newest additions to the scene have been Titanis & Thunderforge. Definitely a few bands to keep your eyes (& ears) on.

What projects are you involved with on any level?

Aside from playing Guitar in Krakatoa, I have my own Death N Roll band, BLUD, in the works & hopefully we’ll be out playing shows by the end of the year. I also manage & book for local legends ROADHORSE & their Motorhead Tribute project, BOMBER.