L.E. PURPOSE is an up and coming influential hip hop artist who is creating a name and sound for himself. His sound is unique and specifically calls it a “Related Substance to Hip Hop.” Defining this as the back story to hip hop. Far from what most hear on the radio, he is crossing hip hop boundaries to send and reinforce uplifting and motivational messages to the youth and the adult of the hip hop generation.

Currently, L.E. Purpose just released ‘’PURPOSE MUSIC” a 5 track EP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Winning multiple 2014 contests with Coast2Coast Mixtapes, all while performing around the East coast.

In April 2014 L.E. PURPOSE was the opening act with a rising duo called “Goldbloc” for solo artist Asher Roth. His music is worth listening to.

L.E. Purpose is trying to create positive cultural change.

“There has to be a way to reach the youth with my music, to make it relatable, approachable, and understandable. My songs are an in depth version of my life musically. It speaks to what I did to make it past where most of my friends didn’t. My life came back full circle and I have an opportunity for a second chance .”

As a father of a beautiful daughter, Kennedy Rose , he understands the power of influence. “Kennedy, is ever more such a blessing in my life she influences me everyday. I use her as fuel to reach the ultimate goal which is to inspire.”

“Hip hop can still be hip hop and relevant without having to be destructive, misguided, and outlandish.”