In early 2012, I (Greg Eramo) was in between projects and decided to create my own band. Being a drummer (I don’t play any other instruments) I was sick of waiting for something to come my way. So, with my better musical half, Conor Dowling (bass player) I started looking for players to join me at my house on Sundays for a jam. The idea was a long term project… no pressure, no time line, just the goal of keeping a core group inspired to come back. If everyone keeps coming back after a while we will have a solid set of music and them maybe we would leave my basement. That was 2 years ago.

The music

We guarantee audience satisfaction.. who else does that?

To me, the music sounds like grass growing through a crack in the sidewalk…. it has an urban feel, but there’s some western MA dirt and wilderness in there too.

The songs are interpretations of other people’s music… sometimes almost spot on, but we are usually just pulling out what we want and doing our own arrangements. Original music will come, but there’s no big hurry. When you have some improvisation going on, it feels less like someone else’s music.

Funky instrumentals are what it’s about. So if you like to dance, if you like being taken on a little journey, FRC is a ride worth taking. We pepper in some vocals tunes in there too.. we have a thing for The Band, so they keep poppin up.

The Players

Soulful and beautiful sax by Dave Trenholm, funky keyboards by Dan Belmont, percussion by Stephen Bradley, reminiscent of Fela and Talking Heads and dynamic duo Greg Eramo and Conor Dowling on drums and bass respectively. This group is not without an impressive Western MA music scene pedigree. Drunk Stuntmen, King Radio, Shokazoba, Lisa Palumbo Band, Birthmark and The Rent Party are just a few of the bands these guys have played with… this list goes back as far as 1992.