Playing the harmonica and acoustic guitar at the same time, Ryan Rightmire has rocketed this classic folk combo into the 21st century. He manipulates effects that can turn his harmonica into an organ, and even a turntable. Now endorsed by Hohner, Ryan has been to known to wow audiences with his ability to play the harmonica with a balloon. Jeremy Hilliard, in addition to being a prolific songwriter, brings an explosive electric guitar style steeped in the blues and roots traditions of the south. Jeremy moved to NYC from Virginia to pursue a music career, and happened to move next door to Ryan. They soon formed Turbine as a duo, and released their first album “Don’t Mind if I Should.” After adding a rhythm section including Justin Kimmel on bass they recorded “Reward” to critical praise. With Justin’s ability to seamlessly play any style and sing, their three-part harmonies became a signature aspect of their new songwriting style. Their newest member, Octavio Salman, was born in El Salvador and brings a fiery approach to the drums that you’ll just have to see to believe.