Since 2007, The Voodoo Fix has been working constantly, writing, recording, and touring the United States. Originally from Whittier, California, the band currently resides in New Haven, Connecticut, which has become home base for their East Coast tour route. New York, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Burlington, and countless college towns are now regular destinations for the five musicians, who have become a touring machine since releasing two EPs and one full length album.

After an isolated month in a remote mountain cabin, The Voodoo Fix recorded their debut LP, “Not For Nothing.” The album is a reflection of intense musical exploration outside of the urban landscape of their native Los Angeles. Recorded live, the album a rock sound with elements funk, folk, blues, and cabin fever.

To promote the release of “Not For Nothing,” The Voodoo Fix booked free shows on Organic Farms across the nation to raise money for independent farmers, starting the independent production Tour-ganic. For the band, it was a humbling and exciting experience to trek across the Deep South in their ‘88 Ford Van, spreading their music while connecting to hardworking, everyday people from all walks of life. With dates all over the East Coast, The Voodoo Fix is busier than ever, delivering a Fix in every town.