The Soul of a Man is a modern day Rhythm and Blues band that incorporates blues and gospel into it’s sound. The group also loves to get funky much like the way Albert King did it. This band has been described as, “all high energy, all the time,” and has garnered recognition from Grammy and other award winning artists. With a four-piece rhythm section, a horn trio, and a vocalist out front, this band sounds massive. A veritable wall of sound projects from the stages of which they play upon. The group has also been described as a combination of Texas, and Memphis Blues Bands. Horns! The Soul of a Man pours so much energy into their music that audiences are guaranteed a roller coaster ride of emotions and excitement. The individual players add so much of themselves, and all of them contribute something unique and special to the music. The Soul of a Man truly is a band to be seen. Wether it is in a small club or a larger venue, this group never fails to deliver. They pride themselves on delivering the best in live entertainment.