Sarah entered the world of music at an early age beginning with classical piano lessons. After 12 years of study, she turned on her heels and picked up a guitar to enter the world of rock.

Sarah’s self taught vocals came hours of training her vocals to the harmonies of Kate Pearson and Cindy Wilson of the B-52’s, whom she describes as “the most perfect harmonies”.

Playing both guitar and piano Sarah creates emotionally-driven original music that her voice imprints into souls which she has been captivating audiences with in New England for the past 6 years.

She has won a number of competitions including the Boston Folk Festival Songwriting contest at 15 and the John Lennon songwriting competition in which she took second prize at the age of 16.

Having released her first full-length CD ‘Therapy’ by the age of 16, A year later, she released her second CD, the “Black and White” EP, both albums sold out.

Sarah is now booking shows throughout the North East and beginning recording for a full length in the fall. Be sure to watch for her.