Simply put, The NED LUCAS Band is a 3 piece, high-energy unit that plays original blues rock & roll. With 2 critically acclaimed CD’s that have received airplay worldwide and a list of venues from Ottawa, Canada, to Columbia, SC and from Detroit to New York City, this band knows how to please a crowd. Ned Lucas is a true triple threat. Not only is he a smokin’ guitar-slinger and a monster on the B3, he also writes most of the songs his band performs. His originals make you want to dance, laugh and cry. Currently, his song, “Mica Moon” is receiving airplay in numerous markets throughout the US. (This is the 1st cut on your demo CD.) For covers, this band chooses songs that reflect the influences of great artists like Joe Cocker, James Brown, Buddy Guy, Howlin’ Wolf and Deep Purple, to name a few.

Playing a Fender Stratocaster, the workhorse of the electric blues, through an old tweed tube amp and a Leslie cabinet, the sound is instantly recognizable. As soon as you hear that tone, you know you’re in for something special. Ned also brings a Hammond B3 with a 2nd Leslie cabinet just to spice things up.

The rhythm section for The NED LUCAS Band is the area’s finest: Ron Dagle on drums and Scott Marshall on bass. These guys are pros. Ron’s drumming is best described as hard-hitting, precise, and deep in the pocket. An absolute joy to watch! Scott is a solid bassist but also a multi-instrumentalist and just can’t be still!