Johnny Press has been playing the Massachusetts and Connecticut area since the 70s. He is very well known and respected for his musicality and different musical agendas he involves himself in. From Rock to blues to Funk to country he has become very accomplished. He now leads his own Band called the Johnny Press Mess. previously recording with GNP, Smokin Joe, Pinch, Velocity and Big Guns he covers a large spectrum. He is a featured guitarist on the new Taz Digregorio CD on the song Queen of Spades. Tom Werman, who produced Jeff Beck & Ted Nugent once said “If I could play guitar like anybody, it would be like John Press.”

Johnny hooked up with Ed & Ned Peabody who are 2 of Northern Connecticut’s most famous musicians. They have been to many Blues final in Tennessee representing their state. Ed’s great vocals and harp playing along with Ned’s incredible drumming are pushing the band forward.

Tony Carminatti, a local CT musician who played for a couple of years with Johnny in Soulshaker. Tony and Johnny stayed together when that group broke up. Tony’s bass playing and harmonies allow the band to expand into different areas than a typical blues based band

Larry Parquette on Keyboards played with Ed and Ned in the CT Band Blue Steele. he is also Johnny’s favorite keyboard man. Larry plays in a few different bands at the moment. The band feels he is an integral part of what they do and Larry is the ultimate pro.

Together the Johnny Press Mess is an exciting experience to see and hear.