The Blind Owl Band was conceived as 4 friends unknowingly crossed pathways to develop this musical nature. Before there was a band, there were long energy filled nights of jamming with all our friends involved. Having friends and family always around helped give birth to such an energetic and positive musical companionship. Starting in Feb. of 2011 the Blind Owl Band was officially formed and shows around the Adirondacks were started. The most important of the early shows has been playing at the Waterhole in Saranac Lake every Wednesday night. This allowed the band to be exposed, go through the ups and downs of playing in front of people and all the electronic equipment involved, but most importantly it pushed them to build the sound and the songs that they had. This process made the Blind Owl Band ready to play away from the home crowd and has allowed them to creating stomping vibrations in all the new places they visit. The band combines many influences and musical directions to form their original string music. It may look like Bluegrass but it’s not Bluegrass it’s something a little different, we were not raised by strict southern roots. We were raised by the most varied of influences and it shows. The boys of the Blind Owl Band look forward to the coming future and all the possibilities of spreading a Musical Romp about!