Scott MacLeod’s musical lineage goes back to his father Rod who was a drummer/bandleader for a successful 60’s rock combo called The Eccentrics. As a baby, Scott attended shows in which The Eccentrics opened for such national acts as “the Byrds”, “The Animals” and “The Youngbloods”.

As he grew up he watched and eventually started sitting in with his older brothers, Rod and Stewart, as they forged their way into the Western, Mass local music scene. This was done through a series of bands they co-fronted, most notably, The Rahars Rythem Rockers.

Starting in the late 80’s, Scott started to front his own bands such as “The Bend”, “The Coondogs”, “Party Fun Guys”, “Confusion” and “Restless Souls” to name a handful. In 2005 Scott, along with an old friend and band mate, Todd McKeague, formed “The Scott MacLeod Band”. They recruited Scott’s brother, Rod, to join on lead guitar giving the group two dynamic front men. Soon after local legend Jerry Ellis of “Elevators” fame joined up on base forming the group’s most exciting lineup until Jerry’s untimely passing in 2011. Since then the group became “Renegades at Large” for a short time before going back to the more established “Scott MacLeod Band” moniker.

For this show Scott will have his son Josh (19) sitting in on several numbers. Josh is an up and coming guitarist who has been working with Scott on several recent recordings in is home studio.

They will cover a wide array of classic rock, R&B and Rockabilly songs from the 50’s through the 80’s as well as several of Scott’s original songs. Heavy influences on Scott’s original songs include The Beatles, Elvis, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, The Stones, The Dead, Tom Petty, Ricky Nelson, CCR and Bob Seager.