Patrick Sampson, a story about a 16-year-old Singer/Songwriter.

Patrick has a very fast paced story about his career and one of many accomplishments. He comes from upstate New York where there’s about 300 inches of annual snow. Instead of playing in the snow, he carved out his path in a music and took to the guitar. Patrick found a way to warm up those cold winters learning the guitar, inside by the fire.

Patrick did not start playing guitar, singing or writing until he was 15 years of age. In 2015 he watched his sister Samantha audition for “The Voice”, where she was placed and was able to sing on national television. That year, and from that point on, he decided he wanted to sing. His first live public performance was in April of 2015. Since then, he’s wrote dozens of original songs and has become a local celebrity in his home town, impressing the townsfolk that he’s known all of his life.

From articles, to t.v. specials, and then on to recording his first album (recorded at Zac Brown’s recording studio “Southern Ground Nashville”), his next step is spreading his wings and touring his music from state to state.

Patrick finds himself creating quite the buzz these days wherever he plays. From children to seniors, he’s finding that at every venue, music lovers of all ages are “hopping on tour” and becoming fans, looking forward to his next performance.