Nico Rivers is a singer/songwriter and one-man band based out of Boston, MA. Since 2011, he has been captivating audiences with his dynamic song writing and energetic performances. In his short time as a solo artist, he has released 3 EPs, toured throughout the U.S. and Europe and been a part of many events including SXSW, Singer/Songwriter Cape May, Elm City Music Fest and more.

After a youth spent playing in hard rock bands, Nico honed his skills as a songwriter, performer and recording/mixing engineer while living in Los Angeles and working in a few major recording studios. Upon the release of his second EP, Thicker Than Water, he left LA for a couple months on the road. When the tour ended he returned to his hometown of Marshfield, MA where he wrote and recorded a new EP, Say Hello! Much of the new EP was inspired by the life he had returned to and the changes that effected the view of his past.

Say Hello! was released in August 2014 and is available at, on iTunes, Spotify and more. Since the release, Rivers has been writing new material and performing throughout New England. He recently returned to the states after his second tour in Germany and is currently working on pre-production on his next release.