Moss originally learned to play the bass guitar, and joined Buddy Scott’s backing band in his late teens. He played there for two years before moving on to join up with Jimmy Dawkins.[1] By 1993, he had joined The Legendary Blues Band, and played bass on their final album, Money Talks.[3] The band’s frontman, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, suggested Moss should switch to lead guitar and he spent over two years there before they split up.[1]
Moss moved on to play as Jimmy Rogers’ band guitarist for another three years, before going solo. His debut album First Offence (re-released in 2003) was billed as by Nick Moss and the Flip Tops, and included a guest appearance from the harmonica playing Lynwood Slim.[1] His next two offerings, Got a New Plan (2001) and Count Your Blessings (2003) were both nominated for a W. C. Handy Award, as were the follow-ups Sadie Mae (2005) and Live at Chan’s (2006).[2]
Nick Moss and the Flip Tops have recorded two live albums at Chan’s, a Rhode Island club. The latter included the harp work of Gerry Hundt.[4] Moss and the Flip Tops played at Memphis in May, and the Ottawa Blues Festival in 2008.[5] The same year Moss produced Magic Slim’s album, Midnight Blues.
Moss’s ninth album, Here I Am, was released on November 22, 2011.[6]