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Mobjack began life as a recording project and quickly morphed into a gigging group. “I was calling in a lot of favors with a lot of people to get these songs recorded,” recalls songwriter Keller Glass, “and then it dawned on us that we needed to take this stuff on the road.”

Those sessions, co-produced with Virginia-based engineer David Stillman, established a sonic pallet that the band continues to build on. The sound is deeply grounded in classic American archetypes, owing to the group’s fondness for the alt-country movement of the past decade. Yet it is also clearly modern, unbeholden to simple forms or categorization. It is equal parts Crazy Horse and Band of Horses, a seamless blend of influences that informs the essential quality of their music: the aching duality of modern America, immersed in the past yet moving inexorably forward.

Mobjack’s live sets are a lot like the band: original and unpredictable. Glass’ prodigious songwriting is augmented by alt-country classics and country remakes of songs like Beck’s “Loser” and MGMT’s “Kids”. The band combines the folk rock explorations of more modern artists like Counting Crows and Ryan Adams with the reckless, driving rhythms of early Rolling Stones tracks.