Everybody has an idea of what it means to be “funky.” Some people think its James Brown, for some people its Tower of Power, and others Parliament Funkadelic. The Justin Allen Band believes that everything is funky and Funk (capital F), is a way of life.

The Justin Allen Band formed in Pittsfield, MA in January of 2012 and consists of:

Justin Allen – Guitars and Vocals
Zack Cross – Keys
Dan Esko – Bass
Pat Mack – Drums

Listening to the JAB though, you would find it impossible to think it’s just these four gentlemen. It’s more like getting your head knocked into the great wall of Funk.

The Justin Allen Band, while still new, is already locally renowned in Western Massachusetts, having performed under different monikers (Eskobar, Sheet Music…) and in different permutations for a number of years. Only now have they successfully perfected their secret groove recipe, and soon audiences everywhere will be reaping the benefits.