John Brandoli was born into a family of musicians. Both parents were professionals and all three brothers are working musicians. “My brothers and I come from a house that was filled with music.” The music of Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan truly influenced his early beginnings. “I remember being very young and having Bonnie Raitt’s, Luck of the Draw blaring out my boombox or glued to the television watching Fleetwood Mac’s The Dance. I was always drawn to the music that hit me emotionally.”

Beginning with piano and picking up the guitar on his own in his early teen years, John composed his first song at the age of 14 and never looked back. He continued to write music and lyrics through high school and into college developing a unique style of his own.

John’s exceptional writing is only part of a multi-dimensional artist. He captivates audiences with his stage performances. With a powerhouse voice and unique stage presence he leaves audiences spellbound. John says this of the show “It’s rock and roll, it’s drama, it’s funny. It’s all those things. We want our crowds to feel the spectrum of emotions that go into these songs. Along with his original material, John mixes his set with covering artists he adores. “If the song is great, I didn’t have to write it in order to perform it. I like to have fun and rock out just like everyone else. The shows are a mix of artistry and good-fun Rock and Roll.”