Nobody is ever quite sure what to expect at a Ghost Dinner Band show. Nobody will tell you the same thing either. The best way to describe it is a whole century of rock music thrown at you in an eclectic time warp played with a surprising integrity, and feel for what you crave.

Ghost Dinner Band may surprise some but will disappoint none. Lead by the captivating talent of front man Kyle Webber (lead guitar, vocals, and song writing) and avidly backed by Eric Boulter (drums), Josh Blair (bass), and Nate Bosworth (rhythm guitar), Ghost Dinner has an infinite amount of influences. This, in turn, leads to their loads of memorable originals, and refreshing covers, to please any music loving crowd. With the character, raw energy, and drive this powerful 4 piece brings to each show it’s no wonder so many folks are coming back to find there is no limit to the places this group can bring a listener.

While gaining momentum in New Hampshire and surrounding areas, The Ghost Dinner Band is making their mark as one of the most exciting up and coming New England live rock acts. As busy as they keep themselves on the weekends, this bunch has a lot in store for the future. With the release of their latest album ‘Fourteen Shades of Three’ a powerhouse follow-up to their debut album “In Nightmares”, and some big shows always being added to their demanding schedule, Ghost Dinner is bound to fulfill their expansive potential. So keep your eyes out for updates, and let your ears follow to make sure you don’t miss out on an experience like no other!