Dead Show is an exciting new Grateful Dead tribute band featuring members of Lobsterz from Marz, The Marks Brothers, Illuminati and others. Dead Show is particuarly focused on the live sound of the Grateful Dead during the 1980s. Find out why people who experience Dead Show are having such a good time…and once you’re on board, please pass the word along. Peace!

Dead Show is:
Kent Oldham (Lobsterz from Marz) – Bass, Vocals
Todd Alan McKeague (Riders on the Strom) – Drums
Mark Paradis (Marks Brothers) – Guitar, Vocals
Scott Guberman (Iluminati) – Keys, Vocals
Johnny Proto (Mo Fo’s) – Guitar, Vocals
Perry Seigle (The Knot) – Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Martinson (Shakedown) – Guitar, Vocals