When I was 6, I asked the drummer of the band playing at a local restaurant if I could sit in. He wasn’t quite sure at first, but he eventually let me play. I was told that although they couldn’t see me over the drum set, I managed to surprise everyone with my playing.

Since then, I’ve sat in with many bands, formed my own youth band The Moondance Blues Band in 2004, attended the Berklee School of Music’s Summer Program in 2009, produced and released two CDs, and continue to host weekly open mic jams at various venues.

My influences include B.B.King, Sandy Nelson, Buddy Rich, Ringo Star, Phil Collins, Gene Krupa, Anton Fig, and of course, my teacher Chris Rivelli.

Since my first drum kit, I’ve upgraded to a Yamaha Beech Absolute and I am proud to endorse Zildjian cymbals and Vater drum sticks.

I’m currently attending the Berklee College of Music and I hope one day to have a recording contract.