We’ll try to reschedule the Arc City Angels show ASAP.


Playing the best and biggest hits from the 80’s through today, Arc City Angels is truly a walk down memory lane. For all of those who fell in love with the early Grunge, Alternative, and Modern Rock worlds of music, ACA is just the great musical escape that you’ve been looking for.

The Arc City Angels love music. It pretty much consumes their lives. However once in a while they like to go and pursue other interests outside the band and music, for Instance:

Jamie has been performing regularly for the last five years on both coasts, with rock projects in Tucson, Los Angeles, and now in Western Massachusetts with ACA. Although his vocal influences tend to hover around the pop metal genre, he also has a strong appreciation for seasoned vocalists such as Lou Gramm, Jackson Browne, and Paul Rogers. His active stage presence and love affair with his black scarf-adorned mic stand provide the catalyst for ACA’s energetic live show.

Ben has been a member of ACA from the beginning. His funk and soul influenced style of playing the bass brings a unique twist to the down and dirty rock sound of the band. Ben Parsons also loves movies and strives to write and direct his own films.

Conor is the newest addition to ACA and resembles a younger brother who must be picked on at all times. There are a couple really good nicknames we might share. Joking aside, Conor brings an enthusiasm that surpasses even our veteran members Ben and Dan yet has only been playing with the band since August 2012.

Daniel is pretty much engulfed in music 24/7 from the moment he wakes up until the time he goes to bed. Dani is the the founding member and chief songwriting element of ACA. When he’s not doing music he’s either going out for walks or going on some outdoor adventure. He enjoys going to the mall and buying new music. He loves to spend time with his friends, go out on dates and see new movies. Most people go shopping for groceries, Dan goes to the music store. This kid’s life is pretty much consumed by music.