Reflecting on their music in the players own words here follows, eaturaura.

Nate Jacques – Bass

Early on I had this perception of dance music being really annoying, the monotonous pulsing and basic duple structure seemed to me to be horribly simple and novice. Somewhere along the line though it caught me, in my early 20’s I found myself staying up all hours of the night soaking in this new fascination I had for electronic music. I came to discover all the subtleties of the genre, the complex textures, the organic transformations that the musical landscape would undergo, but most of all the rich, alluring sound of the synthesizer. There was so much there to appreciate, so much to take in. So when I began working with keyboardist, Chris O’Connell, A question began to form. What if we started a live Electronic dance band based around the art of improvisation? I was currently playing in a Jam band, but my passion was leading me away and toward this question.

Eaturaura formed in 2010. We have been working diligently ever since. It feels sometimes that the three of us are smiths just hammering away at this thing, molding it, changing it, strengthening it. Our approach is simply to pour our hearts into it and to continue to follow that feeling of life through music, that feeling of being on the edge, of being alive. We find that we persistently have to challenge places in us that tend to stagnate or to shrink away from the power and vulnerability it takes to embody something new. Everywhere we find a tendency to life we find its opposite, the doubt, the uncertainty, the shadow of spirit. This music isn’t the only thing transforming in this process, we are transforming from the inside out. The experience of creating it and performing it, the feeling of the crowd responding to something created with heart, the shadow struggle, the constant self evaluation, it’s all leading us toward something. There’s no brake here, we don’t know where we are going and we can’t stop it.

The process has not been without its physical rewards either, Opening for bands like Conspirator, Dopapod, Consider the Source, and the Manhattan Project. It always feels like we are accelerating, playing better, writing better, and performing with bigger acts.

Currently we are planning to begin recording a set of EP’s, we are thinking three that showcase different avenues of our music. Set to be released this coming winter or spring. We are very excited; we have a lot of new material and a lot of different directions we have been exploring.June 13-15 Disc Jam Music Festival Rockingham, VT

Chris O’Connell – Keys/synths

When I was a kid I took some guitar lessons but quickly lost interest and didn’t pick up an instrument again until I was 18. It was my first Disco Biscuits show 11/03/06 at the Calvin Theater that changed it all. I walked out of that venue blown away by what I had just experienced- the ups, the downs, textures and grooves like nothing I had heard. I was hooked and felt I needed to be a part of it. So I went and bought a djembe and started messing around. Over the next months I dove deep into the improvised electronic dance music scene, taking in as much as I could. A few New Deal and Disco Biscuit shows later I bought my first synth and couldn’t leave the thing alone. I quickly traded in my other activities for hours in the basement playing along with albums and live recordings. This is when my best friend Matt Bergeron decided to get in on the fun. Together we started the journey of playing and learning music.  We had a good flow of people who would jam with us but it wasn’t until 2010 with the addition of Nate Jacques and the start of Eaturaura, that we’d have an official band.

Since then we have been constantly forging a sound to call our own. The three of us have quite the spread of musical interests and influences, always pulling us in different directions. However we seem to have the same, undefinable creative goal. There’s this elusive vision that we’re constantly uncovering parts of, evolving, refining, growing. Slowly the vision is becoming more clear and complete. A big part of this is sonic texture and quality. We have been working closely with our good friends and sound engineers Gavin Ulias and Hector Medina who make up ThisCloseProductions. Together we are working to provide a sound that is not only musically but also aurally pleasing and cutting edge. Having an almost limitless sonic palate by combining both analog and digital synthesizers, acoustic and electronic drums and bass guitar, a lot of work goes into making them all come together nicely. With Gavin and Hector we are constantly tweaking our tones and setups to provide the highest quality level of sound. We’ve found the better it sounds, the more inspired we are, the better songs we write, which demand to sound better. ThisCloseProductions are certainly an integral part of Eaturaura.

Matt Bergeron – Drums

I would say that I was pulled to electronic music when Phish broke up and there was this big open void in live music for me. Then I found the Disco Biscuits, and they really changed the way I looked at music. I love the upbeat tempos and high energy. The pulse just kept me coming back for more; I couldn’t get enough of it. Not really being into pop music and its style with lyrics I was pulled more into instrumental and always  love improvising.