Bella's Bartok

Bella’s Bartok/Rhythm Section CRISCO and Dan Neiderhauser The Buzz, Local Honey Union Station 1/10/16 photo by Carly Rae


The Buzz is delighted that the hardworking gentleman in Bella’s Bartok will be a main featured act at our Local Honey Winter Gala on February 13th at Union Station Northampton, MA. The rhythm section showed up for our Local Honey photo shoot with the rest of the band members in cut out form…very entertaining fellas those Bella’s! If you have been fortunate enough to capture them in their finest form, performing, you know exactly what we mean by entertaining. Drenching you in Romanian/Hungarian gypsy/punk sounds you have only imagined in childhood fevered dreams.

Bella’s Bartok is nearly impossible to not dance to, jump to, or fall into a fit of delight. They bring a no holds exuberance with their live performance that will shake any listeners bones and make them wonder if they time traveled back to a circus show in the early 1900’s. They are impeccable musicians and are building momentum in their popularity up and down the East Coast.

Simon Says Booking grabbed onto them in 2015 and have them touring heartly into the year ahead. Catch a taste of Bella’s Bartok and get the full monte of their crew at the Local Honey Winter Gala. A site and sound you will not soon forget!

We have a featured write-up from Kara Karma scheduled for our February magazine release…check us here online or hard copy to get all the latest on Bella’s Bartok!