Frank White’s rock/hip-hop group Bangfield brings a great mix of styles to an exciting, all-original live show. Frank moves seamlessly between busting sick rhymes and singing smooth melodies while weaving fun and thought-provoking lyrics. The music brings all kinds of flavors to the mix, including rock, reggae, electronica, jazz, and funk.

Their EP “101” dropped in March, and features a handful of catchy songs. The Fear Nuttin’ connections continue, as rasta icon Roosta from Fear Nuttin’ Band joins Frank on the vocals for the high-energy track, “Blazin”.

The album opens up with “Just the Tip”, a familiar story of trying to sweet talk himself a little action. The next song, “Even”, is a tale of heartbreak and loss, and the tensions that ensue.  “Heartache” closes out the album with a light, catchy song with some nice keyboard and guitar parts.

Right now they’re recording another album due to be released in the fall. Catch their album on Bandcamp.