4 Questions with Lush Honey


GENRE: 4-piece soul space funk w/jazz and rock fumes
HOMETOWN: Northampton MA


Who/What is your primary influence for Lush Honey?

Jennifer: Jill Scott, Radiohead, Jason Mraz, and Solange.
Daniel: Phish, Tool, Rancid, Herbie Hancock, The Skatalites, Miles Davis, NoFX, Jaco Pastorious, and Hendrix.
Zach: I feel like it changes daily. A few all-time favorite players are Geddy Lee, Al Cisneros, Larry LaLonde, and Paul Jackson. Ween!
Ian: My influences In terms of how I approach the songs are: Derek Trucks Band, John Scofield, Deftones and Audioslave. My influences in terms of how I approach the drums are Chris Dave, Justin Tyson, Abe Cunningham, and Mike Mitchell.

When did you first start singing or playing? What instruments do you play?

Jennifer: Since I could remember. Always involved in choir whether it was school, or a community choir, or musical theater. I play a little flute & piano.
Daniel: I agreed to take bass lessons from an off chance suggestion from my Dad at 13… rare thing for me to agree to anything then. I played bass in punk, hardcore, and ska bands all throughout high school. Switched to guitar during senior year and got into RATM, Hendrix, Zeppelin, and Tool. Started playing prog rock, then getting big into jam bands mainly Phish… some Dead too. Some years later I went through the jazz guitar program at Holyoke Community College.
Zach: I started playing in earnest in 5th grade. I played saxophone until the middle of high school, when the void left by too many guitar-playing friends relegated me to the bass guitar.
Ian: Started playing in middle school on saxophone. Switched to drums so I could play with my guitar player brother. Then In high school I got really into classical choir, but focused on the drum set in college. So now I play drums and sing backgrounds.

Who is your favorite hero?

Jennifer: Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls, Lizzo.
Daniel: My Dad. Faced the darkest moment anyone could face with courage, a sound mind, and even optimism for himself and loved ones for the future regardless of the reality at hand.
Zach: I think I’m the wrong person to ask. Never went in for the superheroes much, beyond the people I listed above. Deferring to the others on this one rather than embarrass myself!
Ian: My favorite superhero is the Flash, even though that may be a hot take. He can do so much more than just run fast. He can have control over most situations because he can take info in and understand everything much faster than anyone else. Also if I’m really gonna geek out he can time travel and shit. It’s complicated, but super cool lolol


Jennifer Adrienne – Vocals
Daniel Girouard – Guitar
Zach Gregory – Bass
Ian Haas – Drums