The Matchstick Architects

Indie Rock/Americana
Pittsfield, MA

rice – An American Band

Greenfield, MA

Lush Honey

Northampton, MA


Northampton, MA

Mamma’s Marmalade

Northampton, MA

Workman Song

Art Folk Punk
Northampton, MA

Tidwell’s Treasure

Meta-Groove Thrash
Northampton, MA

Phenomena 256

Psych Punk/Space Rock
Northampton, MA

The Greys

Indie Rock/Jazz
Northampton, MA

Pi Wrecks

Trip Hop
Westfield, MA

Artist Spotlight

Problem with Dragons

Western Massachusetts problems. My brakes are shot and every light is red. I need to cash a check...


    Melodic power metal is something of a rare treat for heavy metal fans in the Western...

L. E. Purpose

L.E. PURPOSE is an up and coming influential hip hop artist who is creating a name and sound for...

Nate Martel

We utilize the voice as our first instrument, and this outpouring of notes from ones own body is...


Reflecting on their music in the players own words here follows, eaturaura. Nate Jacques – Bass...

Mammal Dap

Northampton is full of great musicians and fun bands that can jam out hard. Add Mammal Dap to this...

Part Time Regulars

Do you like good reggae music that gets you jumping? The Part Time Regulars are a fun rock/reggae...


Frank White’s rock/hip-hop group Bangfield brings a great mix of styles to an exciting,...

Jay ChunG Band

Jay Chung is best known for his work as a guitarist for Springfield’s reggae/rock powerhouse Fear...

Llama Llama Llama…

On May 30th an incredible event will take place in downtown Florence at the VFW, Llama Lasagne...


Brother Sal of The Medicinal Purpose

  When you meet front man “Brother Sal” of The Medicinal Purpose you feel as though you have...

The Dire Honeys

How did The Dire Honeys come to be? ~Wine, swimming holes, and bad bad men, and eventually a...

Man Of Metal: John Gulow

What was your first album? I’d have to say Queen’s Greatest Hits (on Cassette) was my first....

Llama Llama Llama…

On May 30th an incredible event will take place in downtown Florence at the VFW, Llama Lasagne...

Shiprock & Anchordog

1.) Who is behind Shiprock and Anchordog? +++ I’m Evan Curran, and Shiprock and Anchordog is my...

Monte Arnstam: Unstoppable

First Musical Memory: Hearing “Kashmir” for the first time in my dads red Ford F-150 when i was...


Unifier Festival 2019 / June 20th-23rd / Tolland MA

The 2019 Unifier Campout is set to kick off Thursday June 20th and run through Sunday June 23rd and will be held at Camp Timber Trails in beautiful Tolland, Massachusetts.

International Food Fest coming to Big E grounds on Memorial Day Weekend

It's already been described as "The Kielbasa Festival on Steroids." Tom Kielbania, who revitalized...

Western Massive

Western Massive is a two day music festival taking place at Gateway City Arts in Holyoke, MA this...

New Releases

THE BUZZ Local Honey Compilation CD

The Local Honey compilation CD was released on 2/13/16 at Union Station, Northampton MA. The CD is...